Protocols To Use When Purchasing Race Tires

13 January 2022
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If you race sports cars on a regular basis, something you want to focus on is the tire selection you make. This will affect things like handling and grip, so you want to be extra careful when deciding on a set. Here are some protocols that will help with this important tire selection. 

Find Out If Racing Track Is Wet or Dry

An important assessment to make before choosing race tires for your vehicle is the conditions of the track. Specifically, you need to find out if the track is dry or wet. Both conditions will affect how your vehicle is able to handle.

If you plan on driving on wet tracks in particular, then you need race tires that are specifically designed to handle wet terrains while still giving you maximum traction and grip. That will help you perform key actions in a safe manner. 

Review Recorded Lap Times of Various Tire Brands and Models

Lap times are important for racing any type of vehicle. If you can find out this attribute with a particular race tire, you'll be able to make the right selection that gives you the chance to see similar lap time results. You just need to review the performance of different race tires on vehicles similar to yours.

Then you'll have objective data that can help you make a better decision. You can go with the race tire that gave similar vehicles the best lap times, which will set your own race up for success before it even begins.

Try Out Different Tread Designs

The tread of your race tires will have a huge impact on how you're able to handle a sports car out on a track. If you want to find race tires that you can depend on, then try out different tread designs in real time.

Then you'll have in-depth performance data to help you choose the right race tires from here on out. If you can't try these tread designs out yourself, find research that breaks down meaningful performance metrics with various tread designs. Then you'll know what to purchase. 

If you're serious about racing sports cars and want to improve your results out on various tracks, take your time finding quality race tires. You won't struggle with this as long as you find out key information about different tire types and brands. Putting in the time with research will make your race tire selections all the more worthwhile. 

For more information on tire options, such as Pirelli race tires, contact a tire shop.