Tips To Help You Get Through Winter Driving Without A Disaster

7 November 2019
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Driving in the snow and ice can be terrifying. Not only do you have to worry about your own driving skills, but you have to worry about all of those other drivers on the road – some of whom have no sense and go much faster than the conditions should permit. Are you ready for driving in the snow this year? Here, you'll find a few tips to help prepare your vehicle for safe winter driving.

Get Good Tires

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, it's not going to go anywhere safely if you don't have good tires. In some areas, you won't need to get winter-tread tires; all-season tires will do the trick as long as they are high-quality.

In other areas that are prone to heavy snow and lots of ice, drivers should be putting winter-treads on all four wheels. Some states permit the tires to be studded for winter driving, but please know that some of those same states have a deadline when you have to have the studded tires removed from the car so they don't damage the road. A lot of people keep two sets of wheels for their vehicles so that they don't have to pay to have the tires changed each season – just remove the wheels with the summer tires on them, and slide the tires with winter-tread wheels on.

Emergency Traction

Now, in the event that you do get stuck, you need to have something to get some traction under the tires. One of the best and cheapest options is bags of kitty litter. Pour the kitty litter around the tires – this will help to get the traction that you need to get moving.

Another option is to buy a set of emergency tire grip aids. These are plastic or rubber mats that you press up against the stuck tire as closely as you can manage. They come in various designs and sizes but can easily be stored in the trunk or under the passenger seat.

Roadside Emergency Service

Do you have a roadside emergency policy with anyone? These services come in very handy when it comes time to drive in the winter. Not only can you get a tow when you need it, but they'll also help when you run out of gas or lock yourself out of the car, or when the battery dies.

Winter driving can be fun, but you have to be safe. Hopefully the tips above will help you get through another winter without any disasters occurring.