4 Ways Your Fleet Instantly Benefits From A Roadside Service Plan

14 December 2020
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Any business that relies on company vehicles to deliver goods and services understands the importance of a functional fleet.

Most companies spend a lot of time and money on fleet management. Ensuring the right components are in place when creating a fleet management plan will help you better care for your vehicles in the future.

The inclusion of a roadside service plan should be included in your approach to fleet management. Your company has the potential to instantly benefit from a roadside service plan that offers assistance at any time of the day or night.

1. Attract Better Drivers

An efficient fleet can only be created when you hire safe and experienced drivers. These drivers will be able to operate fleet vehicles in a way that preserves the mechanical integrity of each vehicle.

Your company can attract the most qualified drivers when you maintain a roadside service plan for your fleet. Drivers will feel confident knowing that they will never be left stranded on the side of the road when working for a company with roadside services.

Using a 24/7 roadside assistance plan to attract better drivers can significantly improve the quality of your company.

2. Reduce Downtime

Anytime a vehicle in your fleet is broken down, your company is losing valuable time and money. The faster repairs can be made, the quicker a fleet vehicle can return to facilitating the delivery of your company's goods and services.

Most roadside service providers are able to complete a wide range of repairs on-site. Your drivers can reach out to a roadside assistance provider for help changing a tire, eliminating brake issues, or accessing replacement fluids for an overheating vehicle.

Repairing these minor problems on-site eliminates the need for a tow truck to transport your fleet vehicles to a mechanic for repairs. Your drivers will be able to maintain their delivery schedule and your company can reduce downtime when you choose to invest in 24/7 fleet roadside assistance.

3. Reduce Fleet Management Costs

If the thought of spending money on a roadside assistance plan seems risky, it's important that you identify the ways this small investment could provide your company with big savings.

Any driver that has access to roadside assistance will be more likely to call for help as soon as a potential problem is identified. Without access to immediate help, drivers might try to push through their delivery route before having a fleet vehicle checked out. This could result in more damage occurring before repairs can be made.

Your fleet vehicles will not need to be towed to a mechanic for every malfunction when you have a roadside assistance plan. Towing costs can be significant, especially if you have large commercial trucks in your fleet.

Timely vehicle repairs and reduced tow fees are just a few of the ways that a 24/7 roadside service plan can reduce your fleet management costs over time.

4. Reduced Product Loss

Many fleet vehicles are designed to deliver products that could sustain serious damage if the delivery becomes delayed.

Perishable food items, sensitive electronic equipment, and other temperature-sensitive products must be transported in a fleet vehicle that can maintain the right atmospheric conditions within the storage chamber.

When a fleet truck breaks down, its ability to maintain the right temperature, humidity, and air pressure levels could be compromised.

Since a roadside assistance professional can be called in to make immediate repairs at any time, you can reduce the volume of product that is lost as a result of fleet breakdowns. Reducing product loss can be a great way to increase the profitability of your company in the future.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers a 24/7 fleet roadside service plan.